Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Whole... Life?

I've been feeling really good recently,despite cheating a little on Whole30.

So good, in fact, that I'm thinking of stopping "whole30" and eating like this indefinitely.

Other than the weight loss (which any one would love by itself!) I find myself sleeping better and feeling more energetic and it is only my second week eating like this!

Day 8 was mostly leftovers, but you know I called it Lazy Paleo for a reason right? ;)

I had leftover eggs and sausage for breakfast and leftover shell steak and a roasted potato for lunch. the only meal that wasn't leftovers was dinner, Applegate Roast Beef with broccoli. Simple, delicious, and nutritious!  

Yesterday I made eggs in bell peppers for breakfast and saved one for this morning. Lunch was red pepper, mushroom, and roast beef roll up with baby carrots. We went out to dinner with my mom, so I had chicken and vegetables at Boston Market.

It's easier than I thought to find paleo options when you're going out to eat. I am pretty confident that I can keep this lifestyle up for more than just 30 days :)

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