Wednesday, February 18, 2015


I thought I would have an easier time keeping up with the whole30 challenge since no one is around to tempt me with fast food, but instead I'm having a completely different issue.

Knowing that we will be moving in about 6 months made me question the timing of this challenge. I only have 6 months to eat REAL New York Pizza! And bagels. Don't get me started on New York bagels.

So, I am compromising. When I am home, it is 100% whole30 compliant foods, but if I am out with family and want a slice of NY pizza, I will have it. We don't go out to eat every day or anything, once in a while wont hurt!

I'll still post my whole30 compliant meals for everyone who is looking for inspiration :)

I have four pictures from days 10 and 11. I realized I forgot to take a picture halfway through my broccoli and egg in a red pepper breakfast on day 10. Lunch was a vegetarian deluxe salad from au bon pain, just skipped the chick peas and cheese.

I didn't feel like making breakfast on day 11, so I had broccoli and red peppers. Lunch was Applegate roast beef with red peppers and baby carrots. Simple and no cooking involved but delicious and filling.

I'm excited for tomorrow, I plan on making some of my favorites to keep on hand for meals. I'll try to remember to take more than just the finished product!

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