Friday, February 13, 2015

Lightbulb! Whole30 Challenge (or Lazy Paleo!)

I am on day 6 of my whole30 challenge and I am sharing it on my Facebook and Instagram when I realized I could be sharing it here!

I tried to make my meals quick and easy because it's detox week and I expected to not feel 100%. That and because I'm a lazy cook... I should rename this entry Lazy Paleo!

Here is a little catch up on the week so far.

I started my challenge on Sunday February 8. Breakfast was a mushroom and spinach frittata. Lunch was salmon salad, made with homemade paleo mayo (recipe here) on cucumber rounds and dinner was steak and eggs. I planned for salmon and mixed vegetables but we went out to eat and I tried to play it safe with something I knew they wouldn't/couldn't add much to.

I had some leftover frittata for breakfast on Day 2. Lunch was Applegate roasted turkey, spinach, mushroom, and tomato roll up with paleo mayo. Dinner I made the salmon and mixed vegetables I was going to have on the first day.

Day 3 was a mushroom scramble with spinach for breakfast. Lunch was very similar to what I had on day 2 because I wasn't feeling great, but that is expected during detox week! Applegate turkey, mushroom and tomato roll up (with paleo mayo) and some cucumber slices.
Dinner was garlic pepper tilapia (cooked in ghee) with spinach.

Breakfast for Day 4 was a fruit bowl with some almonds. Lunch was leftovers: mushroom scramble, tilapia, tomatoes, and spinach!

Are you seeing a pattern?

I had so much spinach this week I think I'm turning into Popeye! Let's just say I learned my lesson and wont be shopping at Costco for the rest of the challenge! ;)

Dinner was a little different though! I had Aidell's Chicken and Apple Sausage with some zoodles, yum!

Day 5 I made something a friend of my recommended in Hawaii. Banana porridge, made by mixing a mashed banana with (whole30 compliant) coconut milk. It was so good my munchkin tried to eat it all so I had to make a second batch!

I think you already know what I had for lunch: Applegate Roasted Turkey, baby spinach, grape tomatoes, and mushrooms. I continued with the leftovers for dinner: spinach, zoodles, and sausage. Quick and easy, great for lazy paleo eaters ;)

Today was day 6 and I tried to keep it as simple as possible. I think you know what I mean by now!

Breakfast was leftover sausage, strawberries, and spinach (no, I haven't finished it yet). Lunch was carrots, grape tomatoes, and turkey. Dinner was tilapia and... you guessed it! SPINACH!

We have officially FINISHED the spinach! Starting tomorrow, I'll be using the other veggies I have. Some of my favorites are mashed cauliflower and zoodles, though I love steamed veggies as well.

I'd like to add that this wasn't all we ate. We snacked on apples, bananas, and oranges between meals as needed. The first two days I was eating a Larabar a day between meals, then I realized that the kind I bought are not compliant. I decided not to start the challenge over though, because I really wanted pancakes and went with what I thought was a whole30 approved snack. That is still a win in my book!

Tomorrow is definitely going to be interesting. My parents and I are taking my munchkin on a special Valentine's Day outing. I know I will be unable to eat what they will have there, so I am going to try and bring some compliant snacks and keep them in the car.

Until next time!

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