Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Sorry I'm Not Sorry

Normally I apologize for the long periods between my posts, but not this time! I'm not at all sorry I spent the last 8 months spending time with my family and not blogging.

In the past I compared myself to other mommy bloggers... Usually I ended up feeling like a bad mom because they have multiple children and yet still have time to blog, whereas I only have one child but don't blog as regularly and never about thought provoking topics.

I'm not that kind of person, and you know what? That's okay!

I may only have one child but she is AMAZING! She's smart, funny, sweet, and so beautiful, and I absolutely  love spending time with her.

I used to take pictures of everything we did together so I could post them, blog about them, and look back, and then I realized I could have used that time to just cuddle her (while she still wants me to!).

Sure, there are times I wish I wrote about the things that she amazes me with every day, but I have made an active effort to be in the present and not spend so much time behind screens.

Instead of writing, we play, we craft, we learn and read stories. Sometimes we play Disney Infinity together and have dance parties, who cares that I'm not writing about it? Just because I don't write about it, doesn't mean those things didn't happen.

I'll try to write while she's in school, but I only have about 2 hours a day to myself and like to be selfish with that time.

Sorry I'm not sorry ;)


  1. That's right mama. Apologies need not apply ;-)

  2. You shouldn't be sorry! Enjoy your mama time - it's very important.