Thursday, September 13, 2012

busy busy busy!

Looks like I've gone over a month without posting again... Whoops!

We've been very busy the last month. Let's catch up shall we?

On top of my finals, when our lease was up at the condo, we moved to a house (my first one, yay!).

I unpacked everything that same weekend and we threw her birthday party a few days later.

Then my husband went to Korea, so my family came to keep us company!

While they were here we went shopping with one of our relatives on the island,

visited the Dole Plantation,

hiked to a waterfall in Waimea Valley,

drove around to various beaches with more relatives,

partied on a dinner cruise (Star of Honolulu this time),

went to the Aloha Swap Meet, Waikele Outlet, and an awesome luau!

It was a great having our family here while he was gone. We've made some awesome friends in Hawaii, but it is always so quiet after she goes to bed. It was nice having people to talk to and it definitely made the time pass by quickly!

Things are settling down now. We had her well baby appointment today. The doctor said she's perfect and when we went to get her shots she didn't even cry!

Why is my baby getting so big? And how do I stop it?!

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