Sunday, February 24, 2013

a huge weight has been lifted

Maybe massive is a better word... I don't know, you tell me:

I've spent the last few months stressed out knowing Daniel's first deployment was looming around the corner.

We've known about it for almost two years, and it was driving me crazy. I spent every day thinking only a few more months of this sunshine and bonding before he is gone for a year. It was pretty depressing since we have never been through a deployment together before.

As a family we decided that we would store everything and move in with family during the deployment, but I was having a hard time with it because I love Hawaii. As much as I love our family, and am incredibly grateful they invited us into their home, I dreamed about living in Hawaii since high school. I have friends I love, am in school and was just settled.

When I finally accepted that we'd be moving, I found a great deal on a POD and tried to reserve it for $50 off the normal price.

The very next day, there was legitimate talk about the deployment being postponed.


I left my computer (the source of all my news) and started folding plastic bags into triangles.

No really...


Or footballs if you prefer, since it is same way you'd make a paper football.

I didn't know what to do with myself. So I did what any Army wife would do: wait to talk to my husband. Luckily it wasn't a long wait, less than 24 hours.

Even though I knew, I didn't want to make any kind of public announcement on our blog until the official notice, and even then I waited two weeks to make sure.

It has been cancelled and I couldn't be happier!

picture by b of la brisa photography

Can I just say I'm thrilled to be spending the next year and a half in Hawaii with my little family?

All we need to do is work on shipping our cat out here and everything will be just perfect!

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  1. I'm glad deployment is cancelled and youcan stay where you are.