Thursday, May 5, 2011

Moving & Leave

As of 2:45am last Friday, we were no longer residents of Arlington County :(

It was extremely bittersweet leaving our apartment. Not only did we love the apartment, but it was where we first became a family of three!

Before the move we went to a few places around DC that we had been putting off. The Holocaust museum, Pizza Mart, and the FDR memorial to name a few. We wanted to do more but ended up taking a spur of the moment trip to Louisiana.

Having a jumbo slice at Pizza Mart in Adam's Morgan
Baby girl sitting on Fala's head at the FDR Memorial

We didn't want to re-home our cat Figaro, who is now 3 and was with us since he was 3 months old, so we drove to Louisiana so my father-in-law and step mother-in-law could watch him for us until we could arrange for him to go to Hawaii :)

Despite the long hours on the road, it was a great trip since my husband's side of the family was finally able to meet our princess. We didn't take many pictures, since I forgot to pack the camera chargers in the ten minutes Daniel gave me to pack before hitting the road, but here are a few!

Having a bottle on her aunt's lap
Visiting her grandmother in Tennessee
Seeing her grandfather for the first time
Grammy and Grampy!
Happy to be in her daddy's arms
Baby's first Easter Egg Hunt in the front yard
Our First Easter Photo :)
We will definitely miss the view of the Washington Monument, but are thrilled to be steps away from the beach.

Fifteen weeks until the BIG move!

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  1. omgosh i did not know it was possible for babies to be as cute as yours is. she seems like such a happy kid! i hope someday i get to meet her!
    -liz :)