Friday, March 25, 2011

the luck of the irish

The second surgery was on St. Patrick's Day, so my husband said since she's part Irish, the luck of the Irish would be on her side, haha

We were at the hospital at 05:00, the surgery started shortly after 08:00 and took about two hours. They repaired her lip and shaped her nose with a stent. The stent is still in there to make her muscles form properly, it will be removed in a few weeks.

The woman called us into the PACU because she was "getting fussy." I couldn't believe she said that, not only was she starving from not eating in over 12 hours, but she had just gone through surgery! A little crying should be expected.

Anyway, we brought a bottle to the PACU and she went for it as soon as she saw it. Poor baby could only get down an ounce at that point, so they gave her tylenol. After realizing it didn't do any good, they gave her fentanyl? Don't quote me on that, but whatever it was, she was able to eat a little more and get some sleep.

Armed with a tylenol and codeine mix, we were discharged later that day. Luckily she doesn't need medicine every 4-6 hours anymore and she's acting more and more like herself every day :)


  1. My heart is with her and praying for a speedily recovery.

  2. Aw, poor little girl. I hope she's doing well and recovering fast.