Saturday, March 12, 2011

busy bees.

We went to our first metro-go-round meetup on Monday. It was her first time at the National Mall and her first time riding the metro. She met her future husband that day, a sweet little boy named Eli. It was love at first sight :) The two of them held hands and stole glances at each other while we roamed one of the Smithsonian museums.

Wednesday we got a lot of information on what to expect during our PCS. It's crunch time people! I narrowed down our moving company and storage space and was happy to cross those off my to do list. I also got a lot of packing done, but there's still so much to do!

Thursday was baby's first playdate in Alexandria. We spent the day with Brittany and Kierce, Brandy and Colton, Christine and Victoria (of Stamps and Sweets), Kendyl and Truss (of a brand you can truss), and of course my future in-laws, Rachel and Eli.

Friday was story time at the library. It was our second time at the Shirlington Library, and I can tell that peanut really loves it. After that, we went to the store with our new friends Jamie and Meghan, and then had lunch with Rachel and Eli.

Unfortunately it wasn't all fun and games. We had a doctors appointment after lunch, and she had to have her six month shots. The poor girl hated it but calmed down as soon as her daddy had her in his arms.

She is still a tall and skinny big headed baby, but the numbers look much better this time. Last month's percentages were: 7% for her head, 51% for her height, and 73% for head circumference. This month they are 28%, 78%, and 93% respectively. We're no longer worried about her weight since she is eating very well and filling out her clothes nicely.

Since my last post she has tried sweet potatoes, sweet peas, strawberries and blackberries. The berries were frozen for her to chew on since we think she's teething. She LOVED them. I highly recommend getting one of those mesh bags for teethers. (Thanks for recommending it Tracey!)

Since peanut is a little on the tall side, we will probably have to put her in the big girl carseat sooner rather than later, but she is absolutely perfect. Those were the doctor's words, not mine, but I definitely agree!

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