Saturday, February 26, 2011

so much can change in six months

Six months ago I knew I was having a baby girl.

I knew that the coming months would hold long days and sleepless nights, dirty diapers and what felt like endless pumping sessions. I knew that she had a cleft lip and palate, and that we'd hear ignorant comments about it. I knew she would have three surgeries in less than a year, wouldn't be able to nurse, and would likely need special feeding tools.

I didn't know that instead of a bilateral cleft lip and palate, it would be unilateral and relatively minor. I didn't know she would eat like a champ and not need a Haberman bottle, Pigeon nipple, or anything special other than a nipple with a really fast flow.

I also didn't know that, before and after her first surgery, strangers would come up to us just to say how absolutely beautiful our daughter is, and/or that she is the happiest baby they had ever seen.

Tomorrow she turns six months old and now I know so many more wonderful things, among which are the sparkle in her eye when she smiles or the meaning behind her cries.

She has been "talking" since she was three weeks old, though today Daniel got her to say "mama" three times in a row. Her motor skills are also developing beautifully, the other day she even started to learn how to crawl! She amazes us more and more each day.

Though she already started solids, we look forward to her eating meals with us instead of mush. We're also excited for her first tooth, her first steps, and her first full night of sleep in her crib!

So much has happened in the last six months, and the next six hold even more promising milestones and events for our family. We are moving to Maryland and then shortly after our daughter's birthday to Hawaii!

We plan on taking advantage of the beautiful weather and sandy beaches often, so prepare yourselves for lots of pictures!

On that note, the most recent picture of our darling daughter, trying to crawl on her mat :)


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